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Welcome to Loyal Books.  You may have looked at some of my reviews and noticed they aren’t your average summary of plot. Let me be upfront. I started this blog as a resource for parents looking for good literature for their children; literature that supports what the world would call “conservative” values. I don’t apologize for this. There is enough information being thrown at our kids which does not reflect our family’s values, and I am in constant search for books which support our values.

What are those values? Honesty, integrity, humility, honest effort, morality, servanthood, and righteousness. I don’t suppose it’s hard to guess we are a Christian family.  So, we want our children to read books that encourage character traits which are valued in the Bible.  If less savory characters appear in books, we want them to be portrayed in light of the scriptures. That is, we want wrong to be called wrong, and not rewarded.

Now, as a mom who has had her children in church school, home school and public school, I can confess I usually end up being on the conservative end of what other folks consider acceptable. I’ve been accused of trying to protect my kids too much. To that I unashamedly reply, “There’s a lot out there they need to be protected from.” Dangling prepositions aside, age and personality will also determine what and when a certain topic or conflict is appropriate for that particular child. I believe those determinations are best left to parents.

Hopefully, what I can do for you and your kiddos is provide very specific,  in depth reviews of some of the books we have been happy to find and read in our family. When I see something that would be a point of concern for a parent, or perhaps would indicate you wouldn’t want your child to read that book, or it might require parental input, I will plainly state that in my review. Sometimes I will even list the page where the questionable content is located, so you can check it out and make your decision.

If you have voracious readers of multiple ages it can be almost impossible to completely preview every book they read. There have been times when a book we have read was okay except a few little issues. In some cases I wish I had known about these and I would not have let my kids read that book. In other cases (especially as they get older), I just want to know about topics we need to discuss.

I will be asking trusted mom type friends to write reviews for the site. I’ll also be letting my kids do the same. My oldest son devours books. There’s no way I can keep up with him. He’s pretty savvy about knowing what’s appropriate and what isn’t, and gives me a heads up about what he finds. He has stopped reading some authors whose writing he finds unacceptable. He’s the kind of kid who would rather read a book that is uplifting and makes you feel good after reading it. He even steers away from some of the “classics”’ which are too heart rending, especially ones where innocents suffer injustice. So if that gives you any indication, you can probably guess the kinds of books we are excited about and want to share.

A friend suggested I also include reviews of books likely to be required reading in public Jr. and Sr. high schools.  I think that’s a great idea, so I’ll be trying to add those as we go along.

Here’s just a partial list of the kinds of things I will ‘flag’ for you in my reviews. I won’t put a value on these things. I’ll just call your attention to them and let you decide.

Points of crisis

Points of conflict between adult and children characters

Poor behavior and/or attitudes in characters


Topics of death, sickness and hardship

Cuss words

World view, religion, belief systems


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  1. January 7, 2012 2:34 PM

    I have an 8 year old daughter who reads like crazy and I have trouble finding challenging yet age appropriate books for her. I look forward to exploring your site to find some new books for her. Thanks!

    • January 9, 2012 12:25 PM

      I’m so glad you stopped by. I hope to invest more regular time to this site now that the holidays are over. I mostly concentrate on older, even out of print, books since there seems to be plenty of info on the latest publications. Anyway, I like the hunt and always feel like I’ve found a treasure in some old, out of print book that upholds the values we want to instill in our family.


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