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Treasure Trove Book List, Arthur Mee

November 27, 2012

I often scan the web for book lists hoping to come across children’s books I want to read and recommend.  I am usually drawn to older books, many out of print, because the content is wholesome and straight forward.  Older books from the 1800’s and early 1900’s usually reflect a higher moral standard than many of today’s best sellers. I’ve noticed the language is also beautifully structured with excellent use of  diverse vocabulary.

It’s also easy to find online reviews of recent books, so I feel reviewing older books is the niche for Loyal Books. A coincidental benefit of many older books (pre 1923 in the US) is their place in the “public domain,” so electronic versions can be downloaded for free.

I came across an amazing list compiled in the early 1900’s by Arthur Mee, entitled The World’s Greatest Books. The title alone ought to get your attention. Just what were considered the best of the best books in the early 20th century?

Mee spared no effort in the fifteen volume  annotated list. Yes, annotated; with plot lines and character descriptions for works of fiction and encyclopedic entries for history, religion and biographies. A full eight volumes is dedicated to fiction. This should prove to be a list worth checking out.

You can download Ereader versions or view HTML versions on your computer by going to The Gutenberg Project.

Happy hunting!

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