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James Herriot’s Treasury for Children

October 26, 2012

Herriot, Treasury for Children ReviewI’ve posted reviews of James Herriot books on this blog before, but I finally got a copy of James Herriot’s  Treasury for Children hardbound book, and I’d like to suggest it as a gift idea.The stories are simple, heartwaming tales of farm animals who have unusual lives, or show an unusual attachment to their human caretakers. These stories are taken from James Alfred Wight’s years as a veterinary serving the farms and dairies of Yorkshire.

It is a great read aloud book for little ones thanks to Ruth Brown and Peter Barrett’s beautiful illustrations. They have a soft watercolor look, but they are realistic and detailed depictions of farm animals and rural Britain. The large format has that old time story book feel from my own childhood. Even when I outgrew the reading level, those books were so enjoyable I read them over and over.

This would also be a great gift for an elementary grade reader. The lexile scores of the eight included stories ranging from 590 to 900. Younger readers may need some help on vocabulary, but the stories are short, so they will soon have them mastered.

The collection includes: Moses the Kitten, Only One Woof, The Christmas Day Kitten, Bonny’s Big Day, Blossom Comes Home, The Market Square Dog, Oscar Cat About Town, and Smudge, the Little Lost Lamb.

The book can be purchased new from the publisher, Macmillan, but many slightly used copies can be found online at Amazon or ABEbooks. I bought mine for four dollars and it is in excellent shape.

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