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Great is the Mystery

August 17, 2011

By common confession, great is the mystery of godliness:

He who was revealed in the flesh,
Was vindicated in the Spirit,
Seen by angels,
Proclaimed among the nations,
Believed on in the world,
Taken up in glory.    1Timothy 3:16

With some of the ‘off’ teachings about the divinity of Jesus Christ out there, I’ve been studying some comments on  orthodox Christology. I have ‘come out’ of a tradition that teaches Jesus acted as any ‘Spirit filled’ man when He walked the earth. The practical application being that anything He did, we can do.

Even though there are some immediately obvious problems with that teaching (none of us can die for the sins of mankind, none of us can raise ourselves from the dead, or call down a legion of angels whenever we’d like – just to name a few), I did not realize how heretical this teaching is until I got some distance from it.

While reading some commentaries on Christology and some snippets of historical creeds two things happened. 1. I am in awe of the very uniqueness of the Lord Jesus, and 2. I’m reassured by Paul’s words that the incarnation contains a mystery that no amount of debate or analysis can explain.

He is Who He says He is and there is none like Him.

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