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A Guy’s Guide to Life by Jason Boyett

July 4, 2010

Book Review:  A Guy’s Guide to Life – How to Become a Man in 224 Pages or Less

Written as a thought provoking guide for young men in the teen years, this book is full of practical advice for boys on their way to manhood. A quick look at the table of contents reveals this book covers a lot of ground, including peer pressure, dating, grooming, sex, sexting and relationships.  Mr. Boyett writes from a Christian perspective and advocates pre-marital abstinence and encourages young men to be respectful and responsible.

Although this is a Christian perspective, the language is frank and written in teen vernacular.  The author doesn’t mince any words when covering topics such as puberty, sexual desire, and pornography. He explains that while some parts of growing up are natural and common to all, a Godly young man chooses what he will pursue, and how he will handle the pressures of the teen years.

Some parents may find Boyett’s language insensitive, bordering on offensive. For some families, the terminology might not be acceptable, but it’s probably the way the teens are talking at your local public school.  Personally, we encourage more mature and respectful language with our sons.

I would categorize this book as geared for boys 14 and up, but parents, don’t wait until then to read it. I suggest parents read this book when their sons are 11 or twelve and decide if it would be helpful in their situation.

Regarding dating and marriage, the book does not promote ’courting’- popular in many church settings. It advocates dating, while suggesting guidelines and appropriate activities for dates. It should be said that Boyett does not discourage kissing in the dating process.

The book covers more than just the dating/sex issues for teens. Family relationships, physical health, grooming, school, and money management are also discussed with practical, helpful advice.

This blogger received a free copy of this book for review from the publisher, Thomas Nelson. Additional information and reviews can be read at BookSneeze.


Teen vernacular and humor could be considered crude by some readers

Frank explanations of  sexual relations and the physiology of puberty

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