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Lost Pony by Nancy Caffrey

February 11, 2010

In this delightful little book from 1951, twins Jan and Jay want a horse, but their parents can’t afford to buy them one. One day a run away pony crosses their path and their world is changed. They advertise the lost pony, but get no response. It soon becomes apparent this is no ordinary pony, but is a well trained and well bred show pony.

Jay and Jan’s father suggests they enter ‘Somebody’s Pony’ in a high caliber horse show. He is bothered they have’nt been able to find the owner and thinks the show will be a good way to find him. The children learn about hard work and responsibility as they get ready for the show.

The children have an exciting day at the show and learn some important lessons about sportsmanship. At the show, the family discovers  ‘Somebody’s Pony’ is indeed a famous show pony named Top Honor. Jay and Jan are heartbroken but know they have to send the pony home with the rightful owner.

The story ends as the owner gives Top Honor to Jay and Jen as a reward for their good horsemanship and because of the special bond they share with the pony.


Jay calls his sister ‘stupid’ when she makes a mistake in the showring. He isn’t really corrected by his parents, but he soon makes his own blunder, and the tone of their conversations  change into encouraging one another.

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